Saturday, 30 April 2011

Vroom Vroom Beep Beep.

This may well be my favourite colour polish ever. Its Barry M "berry i/c" I think, I can't really make out the label. I just think its the most lovely colour. Its very similar to Essie's "nice is nice" that i wanted to buy but couldn't find any where. 

I hate that its so hard to find Essie in London, if any one knows where to buy it let me know. I get them from ebay. 

So this is basicly something very subtle and understated but I think it looks nice. I like to think of it as a different take on a French manicure. It looks better in other colours, this is a bit boring. My favourite is turquoise and white. I only really did the dots today because I wanted to play. I will hopefully post something a bit more interesting in the next couple of days. 

On another note, I passed my driving test so I am very very pleased. I am possibles going do something car themed next.


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