Friday, 22 April 2011

Animal farm

(my fingers don't look as strange in person. I hope)

Penguin. He is a bit messy and wonky as I accidentally hit my thumb against my box of nail varnish's. I tried to fix it as best I could, but its not brilliant. I think it gets the point across though. the point being I have a penguin on my thumb. 

Panda. This is pure luck. The circles are almost perfect, due to no skill of my own. There is no base coat, just a white semi circle with some black dots here and there. This is my favourite, i think hes cute. Is that weird? Probably. Oh well. 

Standard Leopard print. Boring, simple, classic? I was going to do a bear, but I didn't have the right pen colours. also, if you couldn't tell I was doing an animal theme (hence the post being Animal farm, duhhhh). 

This is a fish. Not a good fish, or an alive fish, just a fish. I did not practice, so I don't know what i hoped for. I also didn't massively love the idea. But it sort of fits in so what ever. 

*no photo*

I did not take a picture of my little finger. It was dalmatian print with a red collar. It really wasn't worth showing you. if I do a whole hand I will post it, but on its own it doesn't make all that much sense. 

Any way, that's all for now. hope you enjoyed. 


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