Monday, 25 April 2011

Come on England

So, I am very excited about the royal wedding coming up. I like to think of my self as a very proud British person. More drinking-mugs-of-tea-in-a-cafe-while-talking-about-the-weather British than worshipping-the-royal-family British, but what ever.

I am a bit early in the celebrations, but I wanted to practice before the big event. I wish I had taken a picture when I first painted them as they are all smudged and messy now. I considered re-doing them, but they took about an hour to do and contrary to my family's beliefs I don't have that much free time. 

I keep seeing people talking pictures of their nails while holding something. I though this was to get your fingers into a position so you can see all the nails so I thought I'd try it. It looks stupid. It was also uncomfortable. I can only assume people do it to show they can both take a picture and hold something at the same time. Like well trained monkeys. 

Oh, on my left hand my second finger is the other type of English flag (ST George's flag?) because I'm oh-so-quirky like that (I smudged it to badly to walk around like that and didn't have time to redo it). 

Happy Easter! (I wanted to say "Happy Easter Chicks!" then realised that would be very lame. so I didn't.)



  1. These are amazing, I would love to see how you do it! I love your blog :) xx

  2. love the nails, my sister did that too tehe :)

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!