Saturday, 23 April 2011

Muddy Duckling

OK, so I bought this nail varnish at boots today. Its "Dusky Mauve" by Barry M. Hum, well, I suppose I like it. It had a weird purplely tint in the bottle that I thought was brilliant. It isn't. It just looks like mud. Sorry Barry M, I'm normally a very big fan of your - but alas not this time. Unless your going for brown nails, I'd give this a miss. 

Now, I know all my other posts (all two of them) have been nail art but I'm a massive fan of plain nails. I am fully aware you can't rock up to a job interview with pandas on your nails and obviously you don't always have time to play and experiment (unless you have no life like me). So expect some nail varnish evaluations to pop up now and again(i say that like anyone actually cares about my opinion). 

It just started to rain as I was writing this. I find that deeply distressing as I'm wearing a summer dress and was planing on leaving my house. I may re evaluate that idea. Also, I was going to sign off with "have fun in the sun" but now that's both cheesy and irrelevance. so...

Have fun in the transparent liquid falling from the sky. 


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