Saturday, 30 April 2011

Vroom Vroom Beep Beep.

This may well be my favourite colour polish ever. Its Barry M "berry i/c" I think, I can't really make out the label. I just think its the most lovely colour. Its very similar to Essie's "nice is nice" that i wanted to buy but couldn't find any where. 

I hate that its so hard to find Essie in London, if any one knows where to buy it let me know. I get them from ebay. 

So this is basicly something very subtle and understated but I think it looks nice. I like to think of it as a different take on a French manicure. It looks better in other colours, this is a bit boring. My favourite is turquoise and white. I only really did the dots today because I wanted to play. I will hopefully post something a bit more interesting in the next couple of days. 

On another note, I passed my driving test so I am very very pleased. I am possibles going do something car themed next.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Come on England

So, I am very excited about the royal wedding coming up. I like to think of my self as a very proud British person. More drinking-mugs-of-tea-in-a-cafe-while-talking-about-the-weather British than worshipping-the-royal-family British, but what ever.

I am a bit early in the celebrations, but I wanted to practice before the big event. I wish I had taken a picture when I first painted them as they are all smudged and messy now. I considered re-doing them, but they took about an hour to do and contrary to my family's beliefs I don't have that much free time. 

I keep seeing people talking pictures of their nails while holding something. I though this was to get your fingers into a position so you can see all the nails so I thought I'd try it. It looks stupid. It was also uncomfortable. I can only assume people do it to show they can both take a picture and hold something at the same time. Like well trained monkeys. 

Oh, on my left hand my second finger is the other type of English flag (ST George's flag?) because I'm oh-so-quirky like that (I smudged it to badly to walk around like that and didn't have time to redo it). 

Happy Easter! (I wanted to say "Happy Easter Chicks!" then realised that would be very lame. so I didn't.)


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Muddy Duckling

OK, so I bought this nail varnish at boots today. Its "Dusky Mauve" by Barry M. Hum, well, I suppose I like it. It had a weird purplely tint in the bottle that I thought was brilliant. It isn't. It just looks like mud. Sorry Barry M, I'm normally a very big fan of your - but alas not this time. Unless your going for brown nails, I'd give this a miss. 

Now, I know all my other posts (all two of them) have been nail art but I'm a massive fan of plain nails. I am fully aware you can't rock up to a job interview with pandas on your nails and obviously you don't always have time to play and experiment (unless you have no life like me). So expect some nail varnish evaluations to pop up now and again(i say that like anyone actually cares about my opinion). 

It just started to rain as I was writing this. I find that deeply distressing as I'm wearing a summer dress and was planing on leaving my house. I may re evaluate that idea. Also, I was going to sign off with "have fun in the sun" but now that's both cheesy and irrelevance. so...

Have fun in the transparent liquid falling from the sky. 


Rawr, I'm a... Leopard?

I may be wrong, I am about many things, but I don't think there is anyway to take an attractive photograph of all of your nails at once. You have to curl your hands into a weird shape that makes you look like the evil person in a film, grasping for the sky in anger. I managed to take one where I looked vaguely human, but it was tough. 

 This is my go to nail design when I don't know what to do to them. pink leopard print. if you look closely, my finger next to my little finger (does it have a specific name?) is a lighter shade of pink. This did not work how I wanted it to. After a second coat the contrast was rubbish and if you weren't looking for it I doubt you would notice the difference. Live and learn. 

I might do a blog about how to do leopard print, as its so simples (yes, simples) but yet impressive. Only a photo step by step though, filming tutorials is way beyond my capability at this point in my life, lets not get carried away. Woah. 


Friday, 22 April 2011

Animal farm

(my fingers don't look as strange in person. I hope)

Penguin. He is a bit messy and wonky as I accidentally hit my thumb against my box of nail varnish's. I tried to fix it as best I could, but its not brilliant. I think it gets the point across though. the point being I have a penguin on my thumb. 

Panda. This is pure luck. The circles are almost perfect, due to no skill of my own. There is no base coat, just a white semi circle with some black dots here and there. This is my favourite, i think hes cute. Is that weird? Probably. Oh well. 

Standard Leopard print. Boring, simple, classic? I was going to do a bear, but I didn't have the right pen colours. also, if you couldn't tell I was doing an animal theme (hence the post being Animal farm, duhhhh). 

This is a fish. Not a good fish, or an alive fish, just a fish. I did not practice, so I don't know what i hoped for. I also didn't massively love the idea. But it sort of fits in so what ever. 

*no photo*

I did not take a picture of my little finger. It was dalmatian print with a red collar. It really wasn't worth showing you. if I do a whole hand I will post it, but on its own it doesn't make all that much sense. 

Any way, that's all for now. hope you enjoyed. 


Introductions Ect.

Hello, my names Sophie. 

I'm basicly going to be writing about my nails. How exciting does that sound? very is the correct answer. I would write some long introduction about my self and what this blog is, but it would be boring and pointless and im also making this up as i go along. so... 

shall we get on with it?